Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

If you are designing a modular system for coffee shops and other catering premises, the Coffee Shop from Texo Prefab World provides a complete factory built scheme that can be adapted for most locations, including wine bars, restaurants and high street retail locations.



It offers all the benefits of a bespoke shop fitting standard display but at a ‘Texo Prefab World’ price that is affordable for independent catering outlets.


In addition, there are solid granite and composite marble worktops in a wide range of designs that complement the modular cladding and provide an elegant yet hardwearing work surface. 

At Texo Prefab World, we specialize in porta cabin. Prefab Including containers converted for a range of uses – from restaurants to offices contact us for a quotation or to find out more. 

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TEXO prefab world would be happy to advise you in person on site by phone, by e-mail or show you the benefits of the Mobile solutions in one of our sample buildings get a non-binding offer today.

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