Prefab Homes /Modular Homes

Prefab Homes /Modular Homes

People use our residential modular homes in a lot of different ways. You can add it onto your property as a granny flat for relatives or guests.



With so many options, any size family can feel at home and have the space they need. Or you can have it delivered to your worksite and use it as worker accommodations. Build one as a base for your business and have an office you can really spread out in. Or (and this is our favorite option), build your dream holiday home in your favorite vacation spot for a perfect home away from home. All of our designs are also great as an affordable and flexible option for your main home. Whatever your needs, we can build the perfect modular home for you. Portable homes are growing in popularity, especially here in India. People love them for a lot of different reasons. They’re affordable, flexible, energy-efficient, and can be ready in a lot less time than a traditional building project. Our homes are beautifully designed and built with expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

Your advantages

  • Low operating costs due to the use of high-quality materials and insulation variants
  • Individual room designs in various sizes
  • Ready for occupancy within a few weeks
  • Numerous equipment variants
  • Expandable and adaptable at any time


At Texo Prefab World, we specialize in porta cabin. Prefab Including containers converted for a range of uses – from porta cabin to Modular Homes contact us for a quotation or to find out more.


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TEXO prefab world would be happy to advise you in person on site by phone, by e-mail or show you the benefits of the Mobile solutions in one of our sample buildings get a non-binding offer today.

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