Over the past decade, the mobile food industry has flourished, with gourmet food trucks and pop-up restaurants earning large followings of enthusiastic customers in cities worldwide.



In keeping with this trend, increasing numbers of enterprising business owners are housing restaurants in remodeled prefab and shipping containers. The shipping containers, prefab serve as cost-effective premises that are easy to modify and transport. They’re secure and weather-resistant, and they provide novelty value.

Potential business benefits of prefab / container restaurants

For enterprising restaurateurs, pop-ups and food trucks have several advantages over restaurants with fixed premises:

  • They keep things novel for customers and so drive up sales.
  • They can be moved to take advantage of at different places and times.
  • They’re cost-effective, with no long-term leases and typically fairly low running costs.
  • They allow chefs to experiment, testing the success of different innovative dishes.
  • They’re low risk – they can be closed and packed up as quickly as they were started.
  • Successful pop-ups and popular food trucks have the potential to grow into permanent fixtures, and food truck owners can easily expand their businesses to include more trucks.


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